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The most useful Piece of workout equipment

Since the lockdown, I’ve been giving lots of thought to many aspects of fitness. One thing that keeps popping up is a question that was asked to a fitness industry expert a long time ago. The question was “if you could only do 3 exercises for the rest of your life what would the exercises be?“. This is super interesting but very difficult to answer the question. I figured since I couldn’t narrow it down to just three exercises I’d try to come at the question a little bit differently and ask myself  “If you could only have 1 piece of workout equipment what would it be“.

The Answer : 

A kettlebell!

Why a kettlebell? Well, I believe the body needs to move and not just move but move in many different ways to truly be healthy and function well. Not only that but to increase fitness ( build bigger muscles, burn fat, become more athletic ) you also need some resistance beyond just bodyweight (unless your going to dedicate your life to gymnastics but even then most still lift some weights as accessory work). The Kettlebell is so versatile it can do all of these things.

Its the one piece of equipment that is really limited by your imagination. You can do so much more than just kettlebell swings! Like the kettlebell Halo – it will build strength in the shoulders from many different angles as well as open up your upper body. Also if you keep your core braced and focus on creating the movement through your core you’ll find that wow it also works your core!


For my list people here is a shortlist of benefits from kettlebell training

  • burns calories
  • build strength
  • improve conditioning
  • improve cardio
  • increasing power
  • full body workout
  • grip strength
  • increases stability in joints and improves their function

I’ve been exploring the different possibilities and opportunities you have to move better and differently with limiting my self to a kettlebell

I must say my body feels great and I can tell in how I move in other aspects of life that I have more strength and I’m better conditioned without having to run ( I haven’t ran in over a month but my cardio has dramatically improved)

I know Kettlebells are super hard to get right now and even then you might not know where to even begin with a kettlebell, And if that sounds like you but you still want to get those benefits listed above then

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