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Nutrition 101

Heyo folks,

Wanted to take the time to spell out some of the basics of nutrition or how we fuel our bodies to win because what we eat is the 1st and biggest building block in the fitness pyramid. So if you want to look, feel, and perform better it starts with the food you eat. I’m going to keep this as simple as possible.

This is not a diet plan, or a solution to every  dietary issue you may have!

This is the starting to step to help you and your coach speak the same language and to help you make better choices when it comes to how to fuel your body.

This topic is super super important (notice the 2 supers!) and the better you do with this the better you’ll do with everything you layer on top of it like strength and conditioning or sport. I’ll try to be as concise as I can.

What is food? – Stuff you eat that gives you the energy / resources you need to live and do stuff

Whats food made of? – everything you eat contains the following

  • Calories – simply the measurement of how much energy you’ll get from food
  • Macro nutrients -Proteins, Carbs, Fat
  • Micro nutrients  – All the other stuff (vitamins minerals ) – also not covered in this post to keep it simple

Calories Matter – We all have a range of calories we need daily for the best results  If you eat too many calories you’ll gain weight if you don’t eat enough you’ll lose muscle and hold onto fat. We want to hit the sweet spot. If your goal is to lose body fat you’ll need to eat slightly less calories than your body needs for the day. If you want to add muscle and your already as lean as you’d like to be you’ll need to eat slightly more calories than you have been eating.

Here is a very general spectrum based on what I have seen to work

Ladies  (depending on who you are and activity levels)  1200-1600 cals / day

Fellas (depending on who you are and activity levels) 1500-2000 cals/ day

keep in mind those are very general and geared towards the average american looking to lean out a bit but that also have an active day at work and or work out 3-4 times a week.

Macros – I want you to think of Protein as – Build ( I.E. build the body you want) this should be your 1st priority when choosing a meal. Think Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fowl, Fish.

Carbs are the Fuel for activity ( work out eat more, work a desk job and don’t move much eat less carbs ). Think fruits, starchy tubers (potatoes, yams), and grains (bread/rice)

Fats are Balance ( As lean as you wanna be add more of these to feel even better with in reason, not as lean as you wanna be eat a little less). Think avocado, cheese, butter, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Quality matters!! The less processed your food is the better (general statement) which means that a grilled chicken breast is closer to its source (chicken) then a chicken nugget  or a steak is closer to the source then a beef stick or deli meat. A baked potato is closer to its source then a potato chip.. see what I’m getting at?

Keep it as clean as possible – 80/20% 80% of the time your eating breakfast lunch and dinner to just get through your day these should be healthy choices. 20% of the time your a human and you’ll have reasons to celebrate (birthdays, weddings, your team wins, work party, holiday) this is where you grab the burger and have a beer ( or your choice )

Short list of clean foods to eat:

Proteins: Fish (salmon, tuna, halibut, tilapia) Chicken, Beef, Pork (leaner cuts like pork chops ) Turkey, Bison, Ground beef 80% lean or better , eggs.

Fats: Coconut oil, Butter (grass fed), Olive oil, Nuts and seeds, Ghee, avocados/ avocado oil, Cheese, Dairy products (milk).

Carbs: Fruits (apples oranges bananas kiwis whatever you like) , Yams, Potatoes (all types), Rice (brown is better because all rice is brown until processed), Oatmeal (the non-sugar sweetened types), Breads (depending on your ability to process bread)

Parting tips– Avoid cooking with olive oil (heat makes it not good for you), avoid canola oils and products that contain it. Avoid added sugars especially avoid drinking them ( sodas and juices ) Limit booze. Do not eat good all week then kill your weekend with 2-5x the amount of calories you’ve eaten all week but just in two days. Eat veggies they are super good for you. Get a diet tracker app and track what you eat you’ll be surprised!!

This should be enough to get you started. If you have any questions feel free to ask your coach as they can help fine tune these recommendations to your needs to get you the best results.



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