What do we do at our Gym?

Personal training 

Best decision i have ever made. patrick is smart and makes you feel comfortable. he helps motivate and encourage you to reaching your goals - Shannen

Group Fitness Classes

I love it! It's fun working out with others, but I love that it's not so large that we lose the relationship with the trainer, and get more personal involvement in what each of us needs. And Patrick, of course! He's so knowledgeable and really cares about his athletes.

get that custom tailored training experience with a program designed to get you to your specific goal.  one on one  time with a trainer to transform your self into a better stronger faster you.  

great environment to get your workout on. i was an all around high school athlete and after college i wanted to be more than just average i work out here  because pat is devoted to helping me achieve my goals as an athlete - Earl

I went to Patrick @Mac's Athletic with 1 goal in mind (get that 6 pack of abs I always wanted) but I what I got was more than I could have imagined. In the 4 months I have been going there I have lost 2 inches of my waist, increased my strength, endurance and most of all confidence and the 6 pack well it will come when I give up the ice cream and cake lol. I highly suggest Patrick he is a qualified professional who can take you above and beyond any goals you have. 
Thank you Patrick yes your right I am strong dammit - Joe

I am absolutely excited that I joined this gym as Patrick as my coach. He is the most patient and persistent person I know. I never thought I could ever get thin again, but he made me believe in myself and in return, my results just keep getting better. If you are looking for a great coach with all sorts of times in the week to fit your schedule, then he is the guy!! I'm very satisfied. -Nicole

We are a small group dedicated to building a fit lifestyle- we are more then a gym we are a lifestyle.

Improve your Health and Fitness with our  functional fitness work outs. These work outs help burn fat and build muscle which  PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS to more advanced fitness enthusiast . We will teach you everything you need to know to upgrade your fitness.
EACH WORK OUT can be scaled so that it is  JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!
We don't use machines, we build them.

Best decision i have ever made. patrick is smart and makes you feel comfortable. he helps motivate and encourage you to reaching your goals - Shannen

Services offered


Take your self or your team to the next level! any sport, any level from middle school and up. Get a custom training to improve your strength speed and conditioning to keep you tearing it up on the field! 

i have been training with patrick for almost a year. he is an amazing trainer. he is motivating, listens to the client in regards to mobility issues and works hard to help with those issues. i have learned so much from him and i am a lot stronger thanks to pat for being amazing- misty

Athlete specific 

first time doing cross fit and it's awesome, after going 4x a week for a month i was already noticing a difference in muscle tone and strength. i felt awesome and mac is great and encourages you give it your all "you're strong damn it" and that's exactly how he made me feel after each work out. if you're ready for the next step in being healthy this is the place. i always ask a lot of questions on what more i can do to be healthy and mac always had great advice - monique

I'm a huge fan of Mac's Athletic! This isn't a meat head work out, nor an environment of who is wearing the cutest outfit. But real people, hard working, mommas, students, and people of all ages. This gym has taught me to be strong! This gym /training prepares you first to be fit mentally to know you can be fit and healthy physically. .because "you're strong dammit "

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Since I've been going to Pat I've always played ball, now that I'm older after I would play an hour game of ball my left knee would swell up for about three days but since I've been going to Pat I play Mondays and Tuesdays now my knee doesn't swell up at all I'm stronger Thanks Pat!- Natalie

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216 N. American St

Improve your health and fitness with our fun crossfit style work outs. these are perfect for beginners to more advanced fitness enthusiast. we will teach you everything you need to know to upgrade your current fitness level with our unique levels. 

each work out have a level 1 - 3 so we can make sure your experience is just right for you!

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located at 216 N. American st